Ranks For Profiles!

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Ranks For Profiles!

Post by Tonic the Hedgefox on Tue Jun 18, 2013 5:39 am

Hello! Ranks Are Here! Orange Smile
Beginner = Bellow 10 Posts
Ring = Bellow 30 Posts
Speed Shoes = Bellow 50 Posts
Chaos Emeralds = Bellow 100 Posts
Eggman = Bellow 500 Posts
Inviniciblity = Bellow 5000 Posts
Luigi = Bellow 6000 Posts
Miles Tails Prower = Bellow 8000 Posts
Mario = Bellow 9000 Posts
Sonic the Hedgehog = Bellow 10000 Posts
Super Rank = Above 10000 Posts
Hyper Rank = Special Rank! Earned By Being A Admin!
Shadow = Special Rank! Earned By Being EPICLY AWESOME!
White Sonic Bot = Special Rank! Earned If You Are A Bot!
Tonic the Hedgefox
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Hyper Form

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